Monday, December 12, 2016

PlumeriaSC 3.1 & Free Games

Well it is now truly Christmas and Plumeria Smart Creator 3.1 has just been released. The features include...
- A new more realistic 3D physics engine.
- Four new tasks that make it easier to modify other tasks in the same object group.
- Tables that allow importing more motion and lighting tasks.
...Just to name a few.
Since we have significantly improved PlumeriaSC 3, we created two new games that can be downloaded for free in the Games section of the Solar Fusion Software website.
Take PlumeriaSC for a test drive today and find that there is no way to create an error. Discover and master something exciting and challenging. Let your creative side go and no worries about making errors that are hard to find and cause your computer to conk out.
Finally, as a Christmas gift we have lowered the price of PlumeriaSC 3.1 to $14.99. Merry Christmas!

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