Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plumeria Update

PlumeriaSC is almost ready and is in beta testing right now. The lastest project I have been working on is the graphics. If you are still wondering what font the "2" is in the Plumeria Smart Charts 2 teaser video. It is in the Chalkduster font. Why Chalkduster? Because the PlumeriaSC 2 uses a chalkboard GUI.
An interesting tidbit happened the other day. I was testing PlumeriaSC 2 out and it kept crashing so I profiled it. To my surprise the App was running out of memory. I watched the allocations start at zero then sky rocket to three hundred megabytes and crash. What was the problem? My texture engine was not caching textures. Every time I updated the screen the same texture would be added to memory again. I finally fixed the texture leak and all is well. I was also surprised at how little memory PlumeriaSC 2 uses on the iPad. It is usually five to fifteen megabytes. At last check Xcode, which is the developer tool I use to create PlumeriaSC, uses seventy-five megabytes on the Mac.