Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tutorials and VBAs

We are still working hard to get PlumeriaSC 2 ready as soon as possible. The latest thing I have been working on is the tutorials. I have programmed PlumeriaSC 2 to follow my selections and then use an artificial intelligence to generate comments based on the selections. So why automate it? I loathe writing tutorials and in PlumeriaSC 2 the tutorial lessons usually take a week to create. With the AI I can walk it through my selections in thirty minutes and use another thirty to give it the human touch. In my last post I wrote about VBAs (Vertex Buffer Array). The only problem is that they are really named VAO (Vertex Array Object). In my opinion the main difference with a VBA is that it owns its contents in memory (a buffer) just like a VBO (Vertex Buffer Object) and a VAO does not. A VAO only points to the VBOs that are already in memory.