Sunday, December 31, 2017

The New Physics Engine

PlumeriaSC 3.3 is finally done and ready for the 2018 New Year. We have totally redesigned the 3D Physics Engine with a new collision and motion engine for both boxes and spheres. Hopefully soon we will have a review on this blog of the physics book that finally worked. If you would like to see a quick demo of the new physics engine you can watch the new PlumeriaSC 3.3 video on our Solar Fusion Software YouTube site.
Also, we have designed a new game with 3.3 called Apple Attack. It is bundled with our Apple Attack Pack which includes three free games: Apple Attack where you vacuum apple trees, an updated version of Apple Pong with a new scoring system, and Wacky Ball a remastered version of the first game ever made in PlumeriaSC 3.