Thursday, August 16, 2012

PlumeriaSC 1.6 beta

PlumeriaSC 1.6 is in closed beta testing now and will be the final major version of PlumeriaSC. 1.6 includes networking (yes I finally got it implemented after working on it for a year) and an iPhone simulator with an accelerometer simulator. New changes that come out after 1.6 will be for minor updates and bugs fixes to keep it current.
     It is interesting to look back and see how advanced the ideas for PlumeriaSC were when it was first in development. PlumeriaSC was started in May 2009 on Xcode 3. Back then Apple's developer tool (Xcode 3) made it very difficult to create full and demo versions in the same project. Also the iPhone and Mac applications would only work if each was created in its own separate project. Xcode 3 did not have any easy way to save different versions of the project.
     When PlumeriaSC first started the iPhone had just come out and the iPad was still a few years down the road. Back then PlumeriaSC was really only for Mac with support for iOS devices being added later. When iOS support was added PlumeriaSC was almost totally rewritten and rebuilt around the features of the iOS instead of Mac. Since then PlumeriaSC has had two to three major rewrites. PlumeriaSC has 20,000 lines of code and is still less than ten megabytes. It has been actively developed 750 days, although, not continuously developed every day.